Drip and Micro Irrigation Systems

Drip and Micro Irrigation systems have gained wide acceptance and use across agriculture. Drip/micro systems rely on infrastructure to deliver water in a precise efficient manner, minimizing loss. Given the efficiencies these systems have demonstrated with irrigation, most growers now use their systems to deliver a majority of the fertilizers to their crops. With the deployment of plastic mulch film and increasing government regulations, more progressive growers are turning to drip systems to deliver both fumigants and pesticides. Fumigation using drip allows a grower to minimize worker exposure to chemicals, minimize off-gassing, and effectively grow in areas with sensitive and protected neighbors. Intergro offers a complete line of drip and micro irrigation components, and we support these highly technical components with a staff certified in Drip and Micro Irrigation Design.

Jain Irrigation – Premium Manufacturer Profile

Jain Irrigation, Inc. is a manufacturer of quality drip irrigation products for the agricultural, turf, greenhouse, nursery, industrial and landscape markets. They have been a leader in the industry for over 30 years offering the widest selection of micro-irrigation products. Their products include emission devices, continuous flow path drip tape, discrete emitter drip tape, integral emitter line, fittings, filters, air vents, injectors, accessories and tubing.

The name Jain Irrigation, Inc. reflects the strategy to grow as a provider of quality water handling systems through acquisition and development of proprietary branded products. Each product is an outcome of an effort to conserve nature’s precious resources through substitution, or value addition. This is the legacy of a deliberate and conscious endeavor that stems from a deep-rooted concern for nature.

There is more to Jain Irrigation than irrigation. The Corporation has multi product industrial profile and manufacturers of Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems and Components; PVC, Polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE) & Polypropylene Piping Systems; Plastic Sheets (PVC & PC sheets); Dehydrated Onions and Vegetables; Processed Fruits; Tissue Culture, Hybrid & Grafted Plants; Greenhouses, Poly and Shade Houses; Bio-fertilizers; Solar Water Heating Systems and Solar Photovoltaic Appliances (Solar lighting systems) and Bio-Energy sources.